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Enjoy moments of brilliance in every journey with fun and dynamic driving experience that makes
each day even more special.

Dynamic & fluid

Dynamic styling of Grand Santa Fe's premium look enhances the unique design philosophy of Hyundai's ‘Fluidic Sculpture’.



The commanding presence of Hyundai’s
optimized ‘Fluidic Sculpture’ design with a sleek
rear surface and a striking fascia sets it apart
from other SUVs.

Fusion of art and technology

Refined surface design achieves a perfect combination of outstanding sportiness and a high-performance SUV.

All-around View
Monitor System

Grand Santa Fe’s optimized 360 degree view camera provides a clear display of all the data you need including blind spots for a more efficient and safer driving experience wherever you go.

only available in select regions


Bi-Function HID headlamps

Even when it’s completely dark, Hyundai’s distinctive Bi-function HID headlamps help you clearly see what’s ahead with increased illumination and a wider view for enhanced night-time visibility.

only available in select regions

Dynamic Bending

Maneuver with ease at every corner and contour with available Dynamic bending light designed to turn the headlights in the direction of your steering wheel.

Dynamic Bending

Maneuver with ease at every corner and contour with available Dynamic bending light designed to turn the headlights in the direction of your steering wheel.

only available in select regions


When it comes to an incredibly flexible and practical seating layout, Grand Santa Fe knows how. Choose the standard 7-seater for a roomy interior in a 4:2:4 ratio or an optional 6-seater for extra convenience with an isolated seat configuration. Either way, Grand Santa Fe’s ergonomically designed seats ensure maximum comfort and dynamic space for everyone.


European AVN 4.0 &
Premium sound system

Make your driving more enjoyable with true-to-life sounds of 10 speakers in diverse media including radio, CD and MP3 files to keep you entertained throughout your journey.
only available in select regions

Roof Racks

Practical and aesthetically appealing, the roof rack’s close-type design complements Grand Santa Fe’s slick top line.

Wide quarter glass

Love the surround view from any seating plus the more open panoramic view with the wide quarter glass from the third row.

Dual mufflers

Gracefully integrated dual mufflers add an elegant finishing touch to the rear bumper.


There is no better way to feel relaxed then the home-like comfort and
first-class accommodation of the Grand Santa Fe.

Comfortable and spacious interior

Select from a wide range of unique colors and choose how you
look and feel on the road.

2nd row seat remote folding

Effortlessly create more storage space with the remote folding second row seat for maximum comfort in Grand Santa Fe’s cargo-friendly cabin.

Glove box

Diverse storage compartments make your journeys pleasant including the glove box for storing various items from manuals to your favourite cooldrinks.

2nd row air ventilation

Grand Santa Fe always keeps everyone satisfied in fresh air with the second row air ventilation system.

Rear heater and rear air ventilation

Every seat is tailored to suit your comfort and temperature can be easilty controlled to keep yourself as cool or as warm as you like.


Enrich your everyday driving experience with better fuel-efficiency,
agility and versatility for a smoother ride.

3.3 GDi 

gasoline engine

3.3 V6 GDi gasoline engine achieves a maximum output of 286 ps at 6,400 rpm and a maximum torque of 34.4 kg·m at 5,200 rpm.
only available in select regions
Depending on the region, there may be some differences..


3.3 MPi

gasoline engine

3.3 V6 MPi gasoline engine boasts a maximum output of 270 ps at 6,400 rpm and a maximum torque of 32.4 kg·m at 5,300 rpm.
only available in select regions


Aerodynamic design

reduced air resistance, its refined design combines best-in-class aerodynamics with a sleek exterior
line to match its outstanding performance.

6-speed automatic transmission

6-speed automatic transmission comes standard with better fuel economy to offer you
maximum driving comfort and a smoother ride.

Front McPherson strut type suspension

Achieve greater performance with the advanced McPherson strut suspension system and High performance damper (HPD) featured in high-profile cars worldwide.

Rear multi-link suspension

Multi-link suspensions used in luxury and sport vehicles ensure that you will find a comfortable ride and maximum vehicle stability in Grand Santa Fe.


As a key safety feature, enhanced stability can be assured with a 17″ brake disk front, 16″ disk rear and 11″ single brake booster at any stop-and-go traffic.

6-airbag system

The all-around 6-airbag system is designed to offer maximum defense against injury by ensuring the protection of both the driver and passengers alike with the front and side curtain airbags.

Electronic stability control (ESC) and
Vehicle stability management (VSM)

Reliable Electronic stability control (ESC) keeps all wheels firm in every curve along with Vehicle stability management (VSM) that optimizes directional stability by controlling the Motor driven power-steering (MDPS) and brakes on each wheel.

Anti-lock brake system (ABS)

No more worries about your brakes locking up or skidding. Anti-lock brake system (ABS) enables better control and handling by compensating for over-braking.

Down-hill brake control (DBC) and
Hill-start assist control (HAC)

Tackle any inclines with confidence. Down-hill brake control (DBC) helps you maintain greater control and stability on steep, downhill surfaces while Hill-start assist control (HAC) automatically initiates brakes to prevent the car from rolling back.

Seatbelt pre-tensioners

A dual pre-tensioner seatbelt will securely and firmly hold your pelvis down in an emergency event to minimize injury.

Emergency stop signal (ESS)

Hazard warning lights in LED rear lamps will flash during sudden braking to help you avoid potential rear-end collisions.

Electric parking brake (EPB)

Simply activate the parking brake with a single switch without the hassle of a lever.

4-way headrests

Relax and lean your head back in the optimal position with 4-way headrests you can easily adjust.

Wide-view mirror

A wide-view mirror integrated into the end of the side view mirrors effectively minimizes your blind spot.
only available in select regions.


The family-oriented design of the spacious cabin provides the ultimate convenience and
practicality to accommodate your dynamic needs.

Smart parking assist system (SPAS)

Grand Santa Fe sure knows how to park itself. Ultrasonic sensors will determine the suitable parking space and steer the car automatically to park. You can also choose to stop the process anytime.

Smart tailgate system

Tailgate will open automatically within only 3 seconds of standing near its perimeter with the smart key, giving you a convenient access even when both your hands are full.

Premium Sound System

Enjoy multidimensional sound quality of Hyundai's premium sound system from any seating with 10 high-performance speakers plus an optional external amplifier to maximizing driving enjoyment.

Supervision cluster with 4.2`` color TFT LCD

Get all the vehicle information at a glance on a sharper and more sophisticated 4.2`` LCD screen in the supervision Thin film transistor (TFT) LCD cluster that enhance the futuristic look of the interior design.

Rear view display system

A warning sensor in the rear bumper makes backing up safe every time by identifying any small objects in the way to prevent potential accidents when backing up.

Smart key & Engine start / stop button

Now you can get going with just a touch of a button.

Rain Sensor

Unexpected rain coming? The rain sensor will detect precipitation and automatically activate the wipers.

Electronic chrome mirror (ECM)

Choose between an ECM with a compass or a rear camera display to help you look back and drive more safely.
only available in select regions

Auto defogging system

On foggy days, let the adaptive defogging system automatically detect windshield condensation to initiate climate control.

Wiper de-icer

Quickly melt away any frozen particles with the heating system installed below the windshield wiper.

UV cut glasses

Talk about the sunny side of things. Solar glass protects passengers from ultraviolet and infrared rays, keeping the cabin cool at all times.

110-volt / 220-volt inverter

Always take your favorite gadgets and charge them on the go with a 110-volt or a 220-volt inverter.
only available in select regions