Youth Activity

In recognition of the importance of community service Almajdouie – Hyundai supports sports in Saudi Arabia

Football is significantly more common and popular sport in Saudi Arabia, and it enjoys a great acceptance among Saudis of different age groups, adults and young people adore it; matches between different local clubs witness strong demand, and still it gets tenser in key games on numerous titles abound in the sports area. Despite the availability of many sports in the Kingdom, such as basketball, volleyball and handball; football, however, is an overriding public at all levels, and events find ample coverage from various local media and social networking sites. Football is the first sport to the community members. The Government has supported youth through building modern football fields in accordance to the highest international standards in various parts of the Kingdom; to encourage the practice of this sport.

In view of the high standing of football in Saudi society, many of national companies are after the sponsorship of various sports clubs, and football teams engage vantage of its popularity and enthusiasm   of the public.  In a unique distinction in Saudi Arabia, it is noticeable that every football team is popular within its district, while its popularity outside its district is very low.

In that sense Almajdouie Motors Company was very keen to be one of the leading national companies in holding up and sponsoring sports clubs in general, and football teams in particular, where Almajdouie Motors currently sponsors Ettifaq and Al-Fateh football teams through long term contracts for three seasons. Almajdouie sponsorship of sports in general proceeds from its keen interest in educating youth, as well as participating in all activities that would elevate young people skills and abilities so that they can contribute positively to society, and be able to carry out their  role in the  society  development and the wellbeing the citizens.


Hyundai Motor Company, represented by Almajdouie Motors Company in the Eastern and Northern regions in Saudi Arabia, is one of the most international companies participating in the area of sports sponsorship, for sport in general and football in particular. Hyundai Motor Company began its official sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup with the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan, followed by the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany. From the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, Hyundai Motor assumed sponsorship. HMG is also an official sponsor of 2018 Russia, and 2022 Qatar World Cup, and will be with football fans around the globe.

Almajdouie Motors Company sports sponsorship is not limited to sports clubs, but also founded its own sports club to provide the opportunity for its employees, in various divisions of the company and its subsidiaries, to exercise the sport they like.  Almajdouie employees formed various sports teams, and set up sports tournaments and competitions among those teams with the support of the company to provide recreational opportunities for its staff, as well as encourage the competition between them through distribution of prizes and honorary certificates. Tournaments set up by Almajdouie Club witness strong turnout by employees and their families, which contributes to strengthening the spirit of participation among them.

Almajdouie Motors Company supports sports and youth also includes motorsports, where the company founded its own drift racing team and great touring racing team (GT). Both teams achieved advanced results in local and regional championships, noting that both teams participate in the races onboard Hyundai cars.